French Law for Motorcycle Helmets

To be approved in France, the motorcycle helmet must have 4 stickers pasted on the fields above. Motorcycle helmets in France MUST have retro reflective stickers The current French regulation 

  1. Your motorcycle helmet must have 4 retro reflective stickers, one on each side of the helmeton the front (chinstrap or front), on the back, on the right and on the left.
  2. The surface of each sticker must be at least 18 cm2.
  1. Within each sticker it must be possible to mark either a circle of 40mm diameter or, a rectangle at least 12.5cm2 in surface area and at least 20mm in width.
  2. The stickers must not be ripped or folded and should not affect the mechanical function of the helmet.

  Check this document for more information regarding French regulations for motorbike riders. Black retro reflective stickers, allowed? This is still a topic open to discussion. Black retro reflective stickers are allowed on motorcycle helmets, just as decoration. At the moment, the only stickers colour accepted by the French legislation is white, in order to classify the helmet as homologated for circulation. It has been clarified that black retro reflective stickers on your helmet will not cost you any fine. However, white retro reflective stickers of the corresponding size, shape and correct position must be included on the helmet.